How to Change & Reset Centurylink WiFi Password

Centurylink – it is the company based on technology and its headquarters are located at Monroe, the company provides a vivid rage of servicers as Networking, Cloud Security, Ethernet, Hosting, data integration, SaaS, also provide services for internet, phone and TV, its official website is www.

Change Centurylink WiFi Network Password

How to Change Centurylink WiFi Password –it is always advisable to change the default password, as one can easily guess the same and the same can be done by taking the steps as follows

  1. One has to ensure that the computer is connected to a modem
  2. An individual has to enter
  3. On this page, on has to enter the required details in the Administrator Username and Administrator password, if one is using the default settings the same can be seen on the modem as well
  4. Among all options, one will be required to select Wireless setup
  5. Look for the option of basic settings and then click SSID Setup
  6. On this page click on the SSID one wants to edit, in order to change Centurylink password please select Broadcast SSID
  7. In the given option Enter an SSID network name one can enter the desired password
  8. Click on Apply and the changes made will get saved

Change Centurylink Email Password

How to Change Centurylink Password of the email – email has become the important part of our life, has become the mode of exchanging of thoughts for the security it is password protected , there is a very strong possibility that one needs the feel to change the password which can be done by taking the following steps so that one can

Change Centurylink Email Password –

  1. One is required to go on the Login page
  2. Click on My Century Link menu and look for the option Change email password
  3. On this page, one will be required to enter the current password in the option Current password
  4. Now in the given option of New password, one will be required to enter the new password and to confirm the same one will be required to reenter it.
  5. Once all the above actions are done click on save

 Reset Centurylink WiFi Password

In case if one does not remember the password in order to Reset the Centurylink Password one has to ensure that following details are there

  • Username
  • Details regarding the security code or the answer to the security question whichever was set up while using the account
  • At times account number details are also required
  • An individual will get the email and one will be asked to follow the instructions in order to complete the procedure to Rest the password

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