How to Change & Reset SbcGlobal Password

SbcGlobal – it is the subsidiary company of AT&T, they provide their services in areas as Arkansas, Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma. They have headquarters located at Whitacre, Tower, Dallas, Texas United States, their official website is

Change SbcGlobal Password

How to change SbcGlobal Password –in today’s time it has become all the more important that email should be secure and one can do the same with the help of password and if in case one feels that changing the password from time to time can secure their account on can do so by taking the steps as following

  1. Very first step one will be required to go on the official website
  2. Hit on the login page
  3. At the top of the page click right
  4. Among the listed options hit on settings and click on the option account
  5. One will be required to click left along the available options click on change password
  6. In the given field one has put in the old password
  7. Now the individual will be required to enter the new password and re-enter to confirm the same

Reset SbcGlobal Password

How to reset SbcGlobal password-password are also known as passcode and one should always ensure that it is something which is not guessed easily, the minimum length of the password should be 8, however, if one has forgotten the password one can take care of the same by resetting it as follows

  1. In order to reset the password, one has to be on the website
  2. Hit on the option Forgot SbcGlobal Password
  3. One will be required to enter the User ID and last name and then once the details have been entered click on continue
  4. In order to get the temporary code one will be required to answer security questions
  5. Users will get the temporary password as one will get the email with the password, go on the login page, the same temporarily code will be required to enter.
  6. Now the individual will get the option to enter the password and re-enter the same in order to confirm

By taking the steps mentioned above, one will be able to change and reset the password, always the thing to be realized is to the password should be a combination of letters, digits and other symbols which should not be easily guessed and the underlining fact is that one should not write the password anywhere as it will have a risk of being compromised 

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