How to Change & Reset Suddenlink WiFi Password

Suddenlink – it is a subsidiary company of Altice USA, who provides its services in cable television, high-speed internet, broadband phone as well home security system. They have their headquarter located at St. Louis , Missouri , United States and its official website is

Change Suddenlink WiFi Password

How to change Suddenlink password –it is worldwide recognized for its telecommunication services as it is very easy to operate. In terms of security, one can keep passwords for the same, To keep the peace over time one has to be an expert in technology. In case one feels the need to change the password, the same can be done through the following means

  1. Initially go on the website, there in the respective field enter the complete email and the password associated with the same
  2. Look for the option My profile, on this page kindly enter the new password and retype the same in order to confirm it
  3. Now the individual will be able to use the services with the help of new password

Reset Suddenlink WiFi Wireless Network Password

How to Reset Suddenlink password – It is known fact that in today’s time an individual has to remember a couple of passwords which at t times becomes difficult and one tends to forget the same and the same can be dealt by taking the following steps

  • Turn on the Wi-Fi router and one has to ensure that it is connected to the computer
  • In the internet browser, one is requested to enter
  • In the username enter cusadmin
  • In the password enter password
  • In the menu click right and from the options select wireless and click on manage Wi-Fi network
  • For Arris –the Preshared Key is the same as the Wi-fi password
  • For Hitron –the serial number field is the same as the Wi-Fi password
  • For SMC – the Encryption Pass Phrase field is the same as the Wi-Fi password
  • Click right on the SSID and look for the option Inspect
  • See the options that come up and select Attributes
  • Hit on Edit Attribute and in order to delete the disabled one, press delete key
  • Now one will be required to close the developer tool by clicking on the close option
  • In the SSID field, one can make the changes, one can change the password and reconfirm the same

By taking the steps mentioned above one will able to make the necessary changes and henceforth will be able to use the services if an individual still comes across some concern one can seek help from the Technician Team.

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