How to change your Gmail password on computer and mobile device

Changing the Gmail password regularly is an easy and secure way to keep your inbox secure, away from the email account hackers. Moreover, suspicious activities are not desired by us. The process is as easy as you can imagine. Today, we have taken the opportunity to discuss the steps required for changing your Google account password on desktop/laptop and mobile phone. If you have not done it before, you may learn the steps given here. We will first discuss the process of change Gmail password on your laptop or desktop, and then we will be moving the process of doing that on a mobile device.

Change Gmail password on laptop/desktop

  1. Open Gmail and make your account SIGN IN
  2. Move your mouse pointer to the upper right corner of that window
  3. Here you will see the gear-like icon called SETTINGS – click on it
  4. Navigate to the ACCOUNT AND IMPORT section
  5. In this window, you will get the chance to select the CHANGE PASSWORD option
  6. Click on it and get the password change window open
  7. Add a NEW PASSWORD and save the changes
  8. Wait a few seconds and get a CONFIRMATION MAIL
  9. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your Google account password 

Change Gmail password on a mobile device

  1. Open your preferred web browser
  2. Type MYACCOUNT.GOOGLE.COM in its browsing box – press the Enter key 
  3. The Sign In window will open
  4. Make your account Sign In and navigate to the SIGN-IN & SECURITY section
  5. Now Google will redirect you to a page which will display the PASSWORD icon
  6. Click on it and get the chance to make your ACCOUNT SIGN IN for the second time
  7. Gradually two blank fields will appear on your screen
  8. You are requested to enter a NEW PASSWORD in both these boxes
  9. Hit the CHANGE PASSWORD icon and insist Google change the password
  10. Wait a few seconds and get a CONFIRMATION MAIL
  11. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your Google account password

Be careful in updating your new Gmail password

Which are the things that you need to consider while changing the Gmail password? Let us have a discussion on it. As Google account passwords are case sensitive, you are strictly suggested to make sure that the new password is featured with mix characters. A password with single characters or a common word such as a nickname is not desired. Plus, a password that was previously used for this account cannot be used as the new password to change Gmail password.

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