Recover your Google account under different circumstances

Google has more than 40 readily available applications, but Gmail has secured among the top five Google products in terms of popularity and use. This tech giant is not only providing the best email sending and receiving experience but also committed to its email account users to help them in regaining access to their lost accounts. So, no need to get worried if you have lost your Gmail account login credentials or the account is under the access of any hacker. Our experts are going to help you in recovering the account. Hence, we request to explore the steps you need to follow in order to set a new password. 


Recover Google account password 

  • Open Google Chrome or any other web browser you love to use
  • Launch Google sign-in/Account recovery page
  • It will enable you to click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link
  • Now you are requested to enter the last password you have remembered
  • Move onto the next question if none of your passwords is in your mind right now
  • You will now be insisted by Google to verify your identity
  • Hit the YES option on the phone
  • Then you will have to select the number displayed on the computer – it will send you the CREATE A NEW PASSWORD page which will help you to recover the password
  • Try another way if you have not added your phone
  • Google will send a verification code on the phone number you have added during the Gmail account creation – enter this code
  • We suggest moving to the next step if the phone recovery doesn’t work
  • Answering the set of security questions will be the next option you will get in this regard
  • Try to provide the answers as accurate as you can do
  • If it does not work, move on to the next step
  • Email recovery is the next option you are going to get
  • Allow Google to send a verification code to your recovery email address
  • Google will send you the CREATE A NEW PASSWORD page after you have verified your identity


Recover Google account password on Android phone

To recover your Google account on your Android phone, you need to open on Google Chrome or any other web browser. It will open the account recovery window. Here you need to enter your Google email address and click the Next icon. Now you will get the chance to click on the Attempt to restore this account option. Google will soon invite you to set a new password. Make a new password and enter it twice. Save the changes and get the Gmail account recovered within a short while. 


Recover Google account username

If you have forgotten your Google username and willing to retrieve your username, you are first supposed to give the answers to a few questions to confirm if the account belongs to you. We request you to answer these questions to the best of your capabilities. Here we have mentioned the steps required to get back your login credentials back.

  • Open Google Chrome or any other web browser you love to use
  • Launch the Google sign-in/Account recovery page in the web browser
  • Now you need to click on the FORGOT EMAIL link
  • Enter the recovery email or phone number associated with the account
  • After you have entered it, Google will ask your name that was specified with the Google account – enter your first and last name
  • If you have provided the right information, Google management will send a verification code to the provided email address/phone number
  • You are now suggested to enter the received code that was sent – click on Next
  • You will now see all the accounts that are associated with the recovery information
  • Simply choose your account and type in the password to sign in


Recover a Google account that is deleted

You can get the account back if you have wrongly deleted your Google account a few minutes back. The option is not available for you if you have deleted your account before a long time. The webmail provider will enable you to use the services, such as Google Play, Gmail, and YouTube, as usual after you have done with recover Google account. Here you can explore the steps required to recover a deleted Google account.

Google account recovery page – opens this link and proves your account ownership in the way you are insisted to do that. You are more likely to get some basic questions associated with your account. We advise you to answer the questions as correct as you can do. Google will check the accuracy of the answers you have provided. If the set of answers crosses the required level of accuracy, you will get the account access back.


Recover G Suite user account password from Google Admin Console

You will be able to reset a G Suite user account password from the Google Admin Console if you are trying to do this as an Administrator. To do this, you first required to log into your Google Admin Console. It will enable you to select USERS and click on the ADD A FILTER option. Then access the drop-down menu and select the FIRST NAME or LAST NAME option. Move your mouse to the targeted user and select the RESET PASSWORD option. Now you will get the chance to google account recovery by creating a new password. Save the new password by clicking on the RESET option and share this password with the user.


Keep Update Your Google Account Information

Recovery process like a mobile phone number where you receive the verification & security code via SMS, and recovery email address likewise mobile number your recovery email where Google will send emails to recover Google account.

Now, here is an alternative email address that is the second address where you can log in to your Google Account.

Or you can use 2-step verification; it is the best method for protecting your account. When you sign-in from another or maybe unreliable device then you will be prompted not only for unique 6- digit code but your password too. The unique code is unique for your device and In case another person is using your password, not to worry that person failed to log-in without this code.


Recover Disabled Google Account due to Suspicious Activity

Google disables a Gmail or Google account that violates the requisite policies and norms. If your account is disabled you will receive a message mentioned: “Google Accounts are disabled because Google detects a policy violation”. And account holder will be further redirected to an account disable page to know about which policies have been violated.

Now the question arises what are the common reasons due to which accounts are disabled? Let’s check out the reasons.

Policies due to which accounts are disabled:

  1. Malware, phishing, and other harmful activities: Google prohibits its users to promote any kind of unwanted or malicious piece of code or software. Stealing someone’s information or intruding their resources, harming Google’s networks, servers or any system can lead to disabling your account.
  2. Account hacking or hijacking: Without someone's prior consent don’t sign in or use another person’s account.
  3. Use of multiple accounts for abuse: Don’t access or create multiple accounts to break Google policies. If you have multiple accounts as personal and work accounts that is acceptable. But using bots or programs to create fake accounts is not acceptable.
  4. Spamming: Google strictly resists sending an unwanted content called spam to anyone. Avoid sharing any unsought promotional or commercial content. As well as don’t send these content to people you are not familiar with or many people at the same time.
  5. Child Exploitation: Google doesn’t promote any platform that expresses child abuse or exploitation.
  6. Creating a false identity to deceive people: Google doesn’t support an institution that frauds people using social engineering.
  7. High call volumes: Avoid using Google services for sending a large number of telephonic calls to telephone exchange for financial gain.
  8. Automatic calls or messages: Google doesn’t allow accessing their services for robotic calls and messages.
  9. Breaking product policies: Google has its own code of conduct. Violating these policies may stop the person from further access.

Request Google to access your disable Google account:

Follow the given below steps to request for further reactivation of your disabled account. And by submitting this request you accept that you own this account and agree to let Google review your account and it’s content to evaluate the request.

  • Visit your Google Account in your browser.
  • Click on Try to restore Google Account
  • Follow the given instructions

If you are facing issues with the above steps, fill out the form given below. After submitting the form, your request will be reviewed and notified later in the upcoming 2 days whether your account has been restored or not.

Google monitors the request to provide further access. In extreme conditions request of access is denied.