How to Backup Your Mac

Mac is a brand of Macintosh Laptop computer by Apple, it is a family of personal computers. It is the second-largest PC Manufacture for the next decade. Computers have become so imperative part of our life as they have made our work so easy.

How to Back up your Mac

We often use Computers to search data and store the same however it is also a machine which can also stop working because of many reasons however as we have solution to other problems we also have a solution to this as well which is one should have the back up for the same so that we can date from getting loss, helps in saving, increases productivity and so forth

Backup your Mac with Time Machine

This is the built-in backup feature of Mac which helps automatically back up files, including apps, music, photos, email and so forth and one will be in the position to restore the files which can be done by creating the same

Creating a Time Machine backup

In order to do so, one needs an external storage device, once the connection is done and you have selected it as your backup disk. One can connect the external device by taking the steps as follows

When you connect an external drive to your Mac, one will be asked to use the external drive as a back up with Time Machine then select Encrypt Back up disk and then hit on the option Use as Back up disk, if one does not get the options one can do so manually by taking the steps

  1. One has to go on Time Machine and then hit on Time Machine Preferences or the other way one can click on Apple Menu from the listing System preferences and then hit on Time Machine
  2. Hit on Backup Disk from the available options click on an external drive and now hit on Encrypt backups and click on Use Disk

In case if the disk is not formatted one will be required to erase the disk first it can be done by clicking on Erase which will erase information. Time Machine automatically creates hourly back up for the past 24 hours, daily back up for the past one month and weekly backups for all previous months and in the case when the disk is full, it will delete the oldest backups.

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