How to Change and Reset Paltalk Password

Paltalk – it is the chat service that helps one to get the conversation going through the video, internet chat and voice, it helps one to create their own public virtual chat room, it is available on macOS and Windows however the app is available for Android as well for Ios users. One can use the service free of cost which is the basic version. The official website is . In order to keep the conversation secured it is password protected

How to change and Reset Paltalk Password –

We all are informed time and again neither the password should be easy and one should keep changing the password from time to time so that the same should not be breached, however, if one recovers the forgotten the password or simply wants to change the same can be done by taking the steps as

  1. One has to click on MyPaltalk from the menu and it will be listed on pal list window
  2. On this page click on change password
  3. Now, you will be required to either will be required to answer the security questions which were selected when the account was set up or provide the email id where one can send the link for resetting the password
  4. Once you have successfully answered the questions or you have received the email one should also check the spam and junk folders
  5. Now you will get the new page where one will get the option to enter the new password and will be asked to re-enter the same for the confirmation purpose

After making the changes by taking the steps one by one you will be able to use the services as normal. One has to keep in mind the password should have 8 characters  

One can use the following tips to make your password strong

  1. Password should be a combination of number, symbol and letters should be in upper and lower case
  2. One should include personal information which should be easily guessed by others
  3. On a regular basis, one should keep changing the password
  4. You should avoid using the same password over and over
  5. Avoid using the short password

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