How to Recover Corrupt Files from USB Drive

On numerous occasions, users may find that the data on their USB flash drive has been damaged and that they cannot access or recover them. In this post, we will see how you can try to recover corrupted files and data from USB using the command prompt. We will also list some free USB drive recovery programs along with their unique features so you can use them if the above method does not produce the desired results.

Recover corrupted files and data from USB using CMD

The corruption of the unit can be due to many factors, such as file table corruption, virus infection, etc. We can try to recover corrupted files from a USB without using third-party data recovery software as follows.

Run the command prompt as administrator, type the following command and press Enter:

Chkdsk e: / r

This will run the Built-in Disk Error Checker or the Check Disk Utility to identify and repair possible damage to the file table. Here and represents the drive letter for your USB.

• The chkdsk tool will check a disk for structural damage.

• The e tells the tool which drives letter to use. You have to see and enter the drive letter for your USB.

• The / r parameter identifies bad sectors and attempts to retrieve the information.

Once the tool has finished verifying the entire surface of the USB disk for bad sectors, it will attempt to repair those that have problems.

Once this is done, we will have to use the built-in tool attrib.exe to repair and recover files that may have been inaccessible by malware.

Run the following command in the same CMD window and press Enter:

Attrib -h -r -s / s / d e: \ *. *

Here the explanation is:

• –r: these are readable files, but cannot be changed

• –s: files for operating system use

• –h: files are hidden and are not displayed in a directory list

• / s: process matching files

• / d: also processes folders

Once the scan is complete, you can try to see if you can access your data.

If this does not work for you, the other option you have is to run some free data recovery software.

Free USB drive recovery software

Data recovery from the USB drive is software that can help you restore data from the dead USB drive. Here we take a look at Recuva, R2FD Recover and Easeus.

1] Recuva

Piriform’s Recuva Free Advanced File Recovery software allows you to restore lost files from your hard drive (using the NTFS or FAT file system) from the Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera card or MP3 player. It has an intuitive interface and supports easy navigation.

An easy to understand wizard guides you through each step of the recovery process. All you need to do is specify the type of files you want to track. This process can be restricted to individual folders or drives, including memory cards and CD/DVDs.

This software executes a fast standard scan and an optional “deep scan” that covers all the technological bases in the search for recoverable files.

It is also available as a portable application that can be run from a USB stick. No installation required!

2] Recover R2FD

R2FD Recover allows easy recovery of lost, lost or destroyed files due to malware infections or other reasons. An important feature of this software is that it does not require installation. Simply download the package and double-click on the .exe file to run the program and open the main application window.

By default, the lightweight program shows two options:

1. Delete all root executables and

2. Recover files or skip the first step to recover missing items.

The last option only scans removable drives, checks for missing files and restores them to a newly created folder called “USB FILES” when it is found. The folder can be found on the desktop screen. If you want to try the free R2FD Recover software, download it from here.

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