How to Recover Deleted Files from Your Laptop

You keep several files, pictures, and other stuff on your laptop. The laptop has basically become a storage device to keep things in soft copy form. The laptop does the other jobs also that is why it has become part of our daily personal and professional life. Storage is also one of the most important things that a laptop does. You can keep your personal and professional stuff on a laptop. This acts as a secondary storage device in the absence of a pen drive, CD and other devices. But sometimes you have to format your laptop you accidentally deleted some files from your laptop. Your files may get deleted for other reasons such as virus also. In such a situation you want to recover a deleted file from your laptop. But the question is how to recover deleted files from your laptop? You can follow some methods to recover your deleted files.

Recover Deleted Files from Your Laptop

Some methods that you can try to recover deleted files are mentioned below:

  1. Check your Recycle bin first. You should open your recycle bin and check if the deleted file is there. If you did not delete your file/s permanently they get stored in Recycle bin. Thus, you can find and restore a deleted file from the Recycle bin folder.
  2. Use File History to restore. If you have taken back up on a regular basis this is easy for you to recover your deleted filed. But if you have not done so you should have turned on File History backup. Now, you can go to Start > Settings > Update & security > Backup > Add a drive. Now, you can choose an external drive or network to backup your files.

You can follow the below steps to recover deleted files from your laptop.

  1. In the search box on the taskbar, you can type Restore files. After that, you can select Restore your files with File History.
  2. Check for the files you are looking to restore. After that, you can use the arrows to see all its versions.
  3. Once you find the file version you want, you can select it to restore to save it in its original location. You can also save it in different places by pressing and holding (or right-click) restore, selecting Restore to, and then choose a new location.

If you have deleted file/s permanently and you did not take any backup you need to use one of the recovery apps available in the market to recover deleted files from your laptop.

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