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File – it is a collaboration of data in a computer storage device. One can edit and even transfer the file through the help from the Internet on a specific computer. Different files can be created for different purposes; they can be created to store images, videos, data, etc. One can create, open, read, make changes, save and close files numerous times. Files can be stored in a file system and they can be located later.

How to Recover Deleted Files

In case if in error one deletes the file, one might feel bothered however one can also check in Recycle Bin or in Trash and if it is there the same can be dragged back to the computer and if it is not one can try through other means

Using File History

  1. Click on settings, look for the option of Update and security, click on backup and hit on Add a drive
  2. In the search, type Restore file and then hit on Restore your file with file history
  3. Among the options look for the file then see the arrow for all its version
  4. Once you have got the file you are looking for click on restore to save the same in its location however if one wants to change the location press and hold right-click to restore the file and then choose a new location

Now, you will get the deleted file back and will be able to open, view, copy, save, edit and so forth

In case if one does not have back up and also that the file is not in the trash one can seek help from free or the commercial app as Piriform Recuva or Stellar Data Recover

One can also use Disk Drill it is a tool designed by Mac and it is available for windows as well and one can also use this tool for other purposes as well for the reformation of hard drive, failed boot up

One can also recover the same if the file has been sending to someone, or one has saved a copy in DropBox, iCloud or Skydrive

If your computer is new, you can also visit Computer System and Devices, this is one of the best options for the Intel computer system.

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