How to recover deleted files on Android

File – by storing the data our life has become easy just as we write information on paper similarly we can write on the computer, there can be different types of files which are used for different purposes, it can be for storing a picture, message, video and so forth. One will able to do read, make changes, save one can also transfer the file as and how when it is required.

How to recover deleted files on Android –

While working on the file, if by mistake one deletes the file, the same can be recovered with the help of the recovery tool dr.fone by takins as below-

  1. You will be required to download the same, install, launch the same you will be required to choose Data Recovery from all the functions and one will require you to connect the device using a USB cable.
  2. You will have to all debugging so that dr.fone can recognize your device by following the onscreen instruction.
  3. Now an individual will be required to select the type of file which you are looking for restoring as in case if one wants to restore photos hit on photos and click on next.
  4. On this page, one will be required to select the scanning mode among the standard and the advanced mode, however, both will help to fetch the deleted however if one wants to scan in deep then go with the advanced mode and till be time-consuming click on Start.
  5. Dr.fone will scan the device and will show all the files and now form the displayed list select the ones you want to recover by clicking on recovery.
  6. Now you can save the recovered files on the device.

Once the file has been recovered and saved, you can also reopen, modify, transfer and so forth.

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