How to Recover Deleted Files On iPad

Well, this feels really frustrating when we lose our important data, be it images, music or any other audio or video files. But when it comes to the iPad, the recovery process is pretty quick and easy. However, if you want to take your iPad to a local tech shop then you shouldn’t forget that this idea may cost you some good bucks. 

On the other hand, the process to recover lost files on the iPad isn’t going to cost you anything but what’s more important to understand is that any iOS device is connected with an Apple ID. With this, you can easily get back your files without any worries. However, it is important that you have already made a backup of all of your files that you wish to recover. If yes, then here’s what you can do. 

Steps to Recover Deleted Files From iCloud on iPad

In order to recover lost files on the iPad, first, you’ll need to get access to your iCloud account. Hence, follow the steps mentioned below to get your lost files back. 

  • So, first, navigate to the sign-in page of the iCloud
  • Next, enter the email address or username of your account and then its password 
  • Get access to your account and then navigate to the Settings section in your account 
  • Now, click on the Restore Files that you can find under the Advanced section 
  • Next, select all the files that you wish to restore or you select the Select All button 
  • Then, click on the Restore Files button and get back your files

Steps To Recover Photos and Videos From iCloud – iPad

Follow the steps listed below to get back your image & video files from the iCloud.

  • Head over to the iCloud sign-in page and then get access into your account 
  • In your account, switch to the Photos section and then select the Albums option 
  • Now select the Recently Deleted Option and then select checkmark all the album/photos that you wish to restore
  • Finally, hit the restore button to recover lost files on iPad

Get Professional Assistance On Recovering Lost Files – IPad  

Since iCloud accounts can hold your deleted files for a while; you can easily get back your files without any issue via following the aforementioned steps. However, after that you are unable to do so then you can contact technical support and get help to recover lost files on the iPad.

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