How to Recover Deleted Folders in Windows 10

Deleting critically important folders, accidentally, from your computer is not something that you have been made immune to. This may happen from time to time due to various reasons such as unexpected distractions while working, some other user deleted the folder unknowingly or you wanted to delete a different folder and along with with it some other folder, which you wanted to keep, got deleted as well. Mistakes are mistakes, but the bigger question here is not “why or how you deleted the folder?” but “How to recover the deleted folder in your windows computer?”

While there are several ways to restore/recover the folders that you have deleted but you can recover a deleted folder by using the facilities which are built-in into the Windows OS. So allow us to demonstrate a few but, most commonly used methods of recover deleted folders in Windows 10 or older versions of Windows computers.

Method 1: Restore your folders from Recycle Bin

  1. Start the process with a double-click on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop
  2. Now locate and select the folder that you want to restore or recover
  3. Make a Right-click on the selected folder and then left-click on Restore from the options box
  4. Wait for, and allow, the restoration process to be completed
  5. Once done, you can now exit the Recycle Bin folder and access view the folder which has just been restored..!!

Method 2: Recovering your folders by using the Windows Back up option

This method usually comes in handy in case if you have permanently deleted the folder from your computer and it is no longer available in your Recycle Bin folder. The folder, in this case, can be recovered by using the backup option that every Windows Operating System has. Here is how you can do this.

  1. Click on the “Start” button and search for “Control Panel” by typing the same in the search field
  • Once inside the Control Panel simply select “System Maintenance”
  • Next, you need to select “Back Up and Restore”
  • Now click on the “Restore my folders” tab to initiate the restoration wizard

Wait patiently while the restoration wizard restores your deleted folders back to your system again

Method 3: Recovering with the help of previous versions methods

This method to recover deleted folders in Windows 10 is made available to you by the virtue of your Windows PC’s system protection feature being turned on by default. This makes it possible for you to restore your computer to its best suited previous versions so that you can easily retrieve the folders that have been permanently deleted from your computer in a few simple steps as mentioned below. Start by creating a new folder having the same name as the folder that was deleted permanently or you can also create the same type of folder in the original location of the folder that you are trying to recover. Once created, make a right-click on the folder and simply select “Restore previous versions” from the options box that follows. This will initiate the Windows to search for previous versions of the folder and list them according to the dates on which they may have been modified. Select the latest version of the folder that you see and click “Restore” to start the process of recovering your permanently deleted file folder.  

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