How to Recover Deleted Mails in Gmail App

Have you unintentionally deleted any certain crucial email in your Gmail application? This situation is solemnly annoying. And if you think the deleted email is non-recoverable, then you are wrong. You can retrieve back your deleted emails in the Gmail app following the given guidelines. Do check out the article and you are gonna walk through different streams of deleted mail recovery.

Recover the Deleted Email from Trash in Gmail App

If you delete an email in Gmail it gets removed from the inbox but it is available in the trash folder till 30 days. And after 30 days it gets deleted automatically. Here are few measures to recover the deleted email from trash folder:

  • In your Gmail account side menu bar, tap on More tab followed by Trash.
  • Then you will get a series of deleted messages in the Trash folder.
  • Select the message you wanna recover in the trash folder.
  • Hit on the Move to icon and choose where you want to navigate the message.
  • You can further move these messages either to your inbox or any other folder.
  • But this procedure is only applicable until 30 days after deleting the email.

Recover the Deleted Email from Gmail App using AnyRecover

You can easily recover your deleted emails using AnyRecover as it promotes simple instructions and facilitates the user with well-packed steps. As well as your recovery email is full proof secure as there is no back up done by AnyRecover. It is supported by Windows and Mac operating systems. Follow the given instructions to recover your deleted email from your Gmail app:

  • Download and install the AnyRecover app in your system.
  • Select the Deleted Files Recovery option.
  • Then choose the location where your Gmail application data is stored and select the Gmail files you wanna retrieve followed by clicking on the Next tab.
  • Further, choose the category of the file you wanna recover.
  • Click on the checkbox of the particular file type located at the left end of the box.
  • Hit on the Scan tab to initiate scanning the deleted files you have selected.
  • Well before initiating the recovery process, once you check the files and emails that will be recovered in File View or Tree View.
  • You will get the recovered emails in the Others folder.
  • Once your recovered email lists in the scanning section, tap the Recover tab and the deleted files will be recovered very soon.

I hope you are now able to recover all your important deleted emails without any extra effort. Still, if you have any query you can ask further guidance from Google support.

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