How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved Word Document

Microsoft Word- is a processor developed by Microsoft. It is used by one to type and save documents and its vivid features as spell and grammar check, word count, one can also use pictures, graphs and so forth which indeed help one to make a document more attractive and comprehensive. It is a part of Microsoft Office

How to recover deleted or Unsaved Word Document-At times while writing the document we often tend to autosave but at times we are often so engrossed that as we are just on the verge of completing the same it gets lost or we accidentally delete the same, now it has just become so common that we have the ways to recover the same by different ways

Recovering the Unsaved Word Document –

  1. When we are in MS Word click on File
  2. Look for the option Manage document and click on Recover Unsaved Documents from the listed one
  3. In this box look for the file which was lost as it is the recent one it should be there
  4. As one is able to get the file click on Save As

By taking the step one after the other you will be able to get back the lot document, in order to overcome the concern for the future one can update the frequency of the autosave your documents and the same can be done by simply clicking on File the hit on options, click on save and then simply change the number of minutes

Recovering the deleted Word Documents –even if the documents were accidentally deleted or because of the malware the same can be taken care by carrying out the steps as below

  • One is required to open the Recycle Bin on the device
  • Now the individual will be required to look for the document

either by the document name, type of file or the date when the file was deleted if one is able to find the file and still is not able to get the original location, once you recover the document it will get saved to that location and the same can be done just by clicking on Restore

In order to be sure if the document is recovered one can have a check on the original location or it can also be check by clicking on Quick Access

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