How to Recover Firefox Password

Firefox – it is a web browser which is free and open, developed by Mozilla Foundation. It is available for macOS, Linux, Windows 7 as well for the new versions. Firefox can also be used by Android and IOS users. One can use Firefox for browsing, spell checking, live bookmarking, smart bookmarks, private manager and so forth.

How to recover Firefox Password- password is used to encrypt the data which indeed helps us for security, for any given reason if you have forgotten the password one should take all the necessary steps to get the same back one can also try carrying out the same steps as below

  1. Hit in on the menu and now click the arrow which is next to Firefox Account
  2. Click on Manage Account, it will help in opening a new window
  3. Look for the option Account Recovery and enable the same
  4. Hit on Generate
  5. Now, you will be required to enter the password

One is always advised to store the recovery key so that the same can be recovered back

Reset the password with the help of Recovery Key

  1. One has to go on the login page
  2. Hit on Forgot password
  3. One will be required to enter the recovery key now
  4. In the specific field, one can enter the new password and re-enter the same

By taking the steps one will able to ret the password and hence will be able to use the services, if the individual is facing the concern can seek help from the technician.

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