How to Recover Internet Explorer Password

How to Recover Internet Explorer Password

Internet Explorer-it is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft, it is the browser which is used across the globe on a massive scale, its official website is The software helps one on day to day basis some of the common internet explorer are Mozilla’s Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Apples Safari and Google Chrome.

How to recover Internet Explorer Password – it is really upsetting that at times when one wants to access the website and you are not able to remember the password even in this case also one does not need to worry the same can be recovered by certain means

Recover Internet Explorer Password Using Web Credential Manager-as the Internet Explorer has this feature which helps in storing all the passwords securely

  1. You will be required to click on Internet Explorer and then hit o Tools
  2. Among the options listed click on Internet options
  3. On this page click on content, hit on settings which are displayed under the Autocomplete section
  4. Now you will be able to see the new window as Autocomplete settings and look for the option of Manage Passwords and then Credential Manager will get open
  5. One will be able to see two credential windows – Windows Credential Manager and Web Credential Manager and click on Web Credential Manger
  6. Now you will be required to enter the password which is going to be the password for the windows and click on ok
  7. All the password will shop up along with the username however in case with the password is showing with the Asterisk and hit on the show

However, by taking the steps above one will be able to get the password and will be able to use it as normal.

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