How to Recover Lost Data from Android after Factory Reset

What do we exactly mean by Factory reset? Well, Factory reset is the process of restoring an electronic device to its original state that was set by its manufacturer at the factory or in simple terms, it means to bring the device back to its original condition before it came into use. This method of reset is also commonly known as a master reset or hard reset. Doing so will for sure delete all data, custom settings and applications that you may have installed or added to this device as the same is usually done to wipe out personal or any data especially when you want to sell the device or the phone.

Restoring the factory settings is also a good or rather the best method that serves as an excellent solution to encounter device failures, virus attacks or software crashes. Let’s say, you have to recover lost data from Android or your phone to its factory settings, the next question that will come to your mind is How to recover the lost data? No worries as today we will take you through a couple of secure and best-used methods on How to recover lost data from Android after Factory reset. Just follow the ways under each method to get your needs served to its best.

Recovering data after Factory reset with Google Account

If you already had your Google Account set up in your Android device with the synchronization of all data-enabled, then after the Factory reset, set up your Google Account again on the device. During this process of setting up your Google Account, an option of “Automatic Restore “ or “Restore Files” will allow you to restore/recover all the synced data.

Recover your data after Factory reset without “Backup”

Now, this is a fishy situation wherein; you do not have the option to restore your files via Back up. Well, you might have just accidentally performed the recover lost data from Android without backup, or the backup file got lost or failed to be recognized by your device, or maybe you never thought of backing up your files as a necessary task or activity in the first place.

In these types of situations, we would usually recommend the use of professional data recovery software. You can find out about the best and safest data recovery software and use it to recover not only your file and folders but also your photos and other data that may have been erased as well. The data that you have in your Android device may not necessarily be lost due to the Factory reset. It can happen for any reason from time to time. So it is always advised that you set up an alternate source of Back up to get yourself out of such sticky situations.

Recover data after Factory reset using local Backup

“Local Backup App” or function is a feature that most or almost all of the Android devices are endowed with. If you have backed up your data on a regular basis, then it is as good as you have not lost anything at all..!! After you have Factory Reset your Android device, all you have to do is just go to “Settings” and then look out for the option of “Back up & Restore”. Once done, select the latest files that you want to restore from the Backup.

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