How to Recover MS Excel Password

MS Excel- it is the spreadsheet which is developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and Ios users, it is most useful because of its traits as calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and macro programming

How to recover MS Excel Password

At times it becomes important to protect your document hence one can make it password protected if one fails to remember the password when need be the same can be recovered by initiating the steps as below

Download and Install Excel Password Recovery

  • One has to ensure to download the complete package of Excel Password Recovery and make sure that the same is stored on the device where it is easy to locate
  • As and how the download will be complete double click the same to start the installation and in order to complete the installation follow the on-screen installation

Start taking the below-mentioned steps to get the recovery done for the password

  • Initiate the Excel Password Recovery program, on this page, choose the password-protected Excel spreadsheet and hit on next
  • Choose the method among the available options which meets the requirement
    • Brute –Force attack
    • Mask attack
    • Dictionary attack

Brute – Force attack – if one wants to go with this, then the individual will be required to mention the minimum and the maximum number length and the, in order to make it successful one should start with a short password and the full characters and then increase the length and decrease the character

Mask attack – it will be only fruitful when the individual knows the length of the password along with symbol or characters like if the complete password is of 8 characters starting with M and ending with 9

Dictionary attack- it is widely used across as we often use the password as we tend to use the short password and single word, one can use their own password or even use the default dictionary

Once the selection is done click on next so that the recovery process can start

By following the procedure one will be able to get access to the password and will be able to use the password-protected Excel document

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