How to Recover MS PowerPoint Password

MS PowerPoint – it is a program that is used by the individual in order to create a slideshow using charts, images and so forth in order to make it more attractive and often used in business meetings, schools, government offices and so forth. It is widely used for presentation because of the trait-like slides, transitions, animations, layout, templates. One has the option to make the document password protected

How to recover MS PowerPoint Password

It is very essential to ensure that the important documents are protected and the same can be done through the password, it is observed that it is difficult to remember passwords and then they feel that have caught themselves in a trap one can take care of the same by recovering it through following means

One can opt for any of the three options in order to recover the password

  1. Dictionary Attack
  2. Brute – Force Attack
  3. Mask Attack

Dictionary Attack – it is useful as we often tend to use short password and single word one can use their own dictionary or the default one

Brute – Force Attack – It is a method that works on guesswork until one gets to the right password. The longer the password one will be required to test more combination which must be time-consuming however on the other hand if the password is weak it might be possible to crack the password within a couple of minutes

Mask Attack – this method you be used by the individual if one knows the length of the password as well some characters of the password as starting with A and ending with 2

One can initiate the process by taking the steps as follows

  • One will be required to download the program
  • Now double click on the downloaded program in order to start the program
  • Import the document for which you wanted to recover the password
  • Among the listed options choose the method which you want to go with in order to get the recovery done
  • Once the password is recovered, you will be able to access the document

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