How to Recover MS Word Password

Microsoft Word – it is a word processor developed by Microsoft, it is used to type and save documents. It aids in making the document because of the traits as spell and grammar checker, pictures can be inserted, tables, graphs, special codes and so forth

How to recover MS Word Password – if one wants to make the document password-protected one can do so as we know that password can make us feel more secure it can be maximum of 15 characters long however as it is not used day in and day out so there is a strong possibility to forget the password and the same can be recovered

Download and Install Word Password Recovery

  • One will be required to download complete Word Password Recovery and save it on the device where it can be located
  • Once the download is complete double click the file in order to run the installation and it is requested that one should follow the onscreen instructions

One can recover the password by taking the steps as follows

  • Start the Word Password Recovery program among the options on this page select the password-protected document and click on next
  • Select the method of how you will require to get back the password from the options
    • Bruce- force attack
    • Mask attack
    • Dictionary attack

Bruce – force attack – one will be required to specify the minimum and maximum length of the password and the special characters as well, it is advisable to use the start with the short length and full characters and keep on increasing the length and decreasing the character

Mask attack – is put in use by the individual is one knows some symbols and characters in the password as if you are aware that the complete password is of 6 characters starting with l and ending with 4

Dictionary attack – in case if one opts for this method one will be required to provide good dictionary in order to make it successful however it is commonly used as normally one has a password which is short, single word one can also use the default dictionary as well

  • Once the recovery method is selected click on next so that the recovery process can initiate
  • The result will be displayed on the screen

By following the procedure mentioned above you will be able to open the password-protected word 

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