How to Recover NTFS Data

NTFS is a standard file system used as Windows OS. NTFS gives users the privilege to transfer big files and file encryption. This is the reason why numbers of users using NTFS are increasing and they set it on their hard drives. So, you can you’re your data safe on NTFS drive. But that does not mean data cannot be lost from the NTFS drive. It can be. Data can be lost because of reasons such as disk formatting, deletion of the file, system error and other reasons. So, when data is lost you want to do NTFS data recovery. For that, you would ask how to recover NTFS data. Well, you can use NTFS disk data recovery software to recover NTFS data.

NTFS Data Recovery

You can use NTFS disk data recovery software such as Recoverit Data recovery. This software enables you to recover deleted or formatted data from your NTFS disk. The recovery process is quite easy and safe. You can recover videos, pictures, audio files, etc. from NTFS disk using Recoverit software.

Now, once you have installed Recoverit on your system, you can follow the below steps for NTPS data recovery.

1.    First, you need to select a data recovery mode to start the process. For example, you need to choose “Deleted files and recovery” mode to recover lost or deleted data from NTFS disk.

2.    Now, select a location such as a hard disk drive to search lost data. You need to select a hard disk drive where you lost your data. Now, select it and then click the “Start” button.

3.    Now, you need to scan the NTFS drive to look for data loss from the drive. There will be a quick scan by Recoverit to search for data. After the scan is over, you can simply preview some files which can be recovered.  If a quick scan does not show the lost data, you can go to scan again with the “All-around Recovery” option to search more files from hard disk.

4.    Now, you can recover data from NTFS hard drive. Once you see lost files after the scan, you can see the recovered files and check if the lost data from NTFS drive can be reclaimed or not.

5.    Now, you have to just mark the files you need back and then click on the “Recover” button. These files will be saved back to your computer.

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