How to Recover PDF Password

PDF- it is the Portable Document Format which is developed by Adobe, one can store documents on a device in the file format and it has indeed made it easier to exchange documents. PDF reader software is required to read PDF documents

How to recover PDF password – in order to keep it secure it can be password protected, there are two types of password user password and owner password

User password – it is the password set up by the individual so that the same cannot be accessed by others which in other word means the one who kept the password will only be able to access the file

Owner Password- it is the password used by the individual in order to avoid any changes or editing such that one can protect the document from printing, copying or editing

There is a strong possibility that one can forget the password, there is nothing to worried about one can recover the same by taking the steps as below

Download and Install PDF password recovery

  • One has to download the complete PDF Password Recovery and the same can be saved where it is easy to locate
  • In order to install double click on the downloaded file and to complete the installation go with the instructions on the screen

How to get rid of PDF Owner password

  • Initiate the program, choose the password-protected PDF document once selected click on Remove Owner Password option and hit on next
  • The program will decode the PDF file and then will save the same file in the same folder and you can recognize the same as it will show with decrypted.pdf

How to recover PDF User Password

  • Start the program, now choose the password-protected PDF document, click on Recover User Password option and hit on next
  • Now on this page select the method how one would like to recover the password among the listed
    • Bruce – force attack
    • Mask attack
    • Dictionary attack

If one clicks on Bruce- force attack, then you will be required to enter the details like the minimum and the maximum length of the password and even the symbols as well however it is advisable to start with a short password and then later one can increase the length and decrease the character set

If one wants to go with Mask attack it will benefit the individual if they aware about some symbols or characters in the password and the same can be mentioned in order to decrease the combination as if you know the number of characters mentions the same like starts with l and ends with 5, if the information is available mention the same

  • One would like to go with Dictionary attack, as the password is chosen is short, single word one can go with the default dictionary or use its own  
  • One the option is selected click on next, and the result will be displayed as the password will be recovered
  • By carrying out the complete procedure one will be to access the password- protected PDF document

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