How to Recover RAR/WinRAR Password

WinRAR – it is a file utility for Windows which helps us to compress files and is used for online downloads. Most prominent features one can compress their key files into RAR archive and one can protect the same with the use of the password. However, this password becomes all the more difficult to remember the password as it is not brought in use on a day to day basis.

How to Recover RAR/WinRAR Password

If one has forgotten the password there is nothing to be worried about the same can be recovered through Password RAR Unlocker which will ensure that there is no loss of data and the file can be exported, one can recover the password in the following way through choosing the method which one wants to go with 

  • Dictionary Attack
  • Mask Attack
  • Brute Force Attack

Dictionary Attack –  we use this method as we tend to keep the password which is single word and short and the same can be looked for with the help of default dictionary and one can also one’s own dictionary

Mask Attack – this method can be selected if one remembers some part of the password like the length starting word or the end word

Brute Force Attack – if one chooses to go with this method it will try all possible password combination start with the short length and full characters and later one can increase the size and decrease the character length

Once the method has been chosen and then click on start, time is taken will depend on the method which you will choose however one can decrease the span by providing them as many details as they have, as soon the password is recovered click on copy and put the same in the required field and one will finally be able to access the file

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