How to Recover the Saved Password on Google Chrome

Saved passwords, in a way, can be considered as a boon as it saves you from the brain ranking ordeal of remembering obscure login credentials or passwords to your various accounts. However, this luxury might turn sour sometimes when you forget your passwords are, lose your login credentials, or you have unfortunately deleted them.

Well, Google chrome happens to give you the option to save your various accounts’ passwords. Once the passwords are saved if you want to view or find them, you can do it by opening a chrome browser or even by using the Google Chrome password recovery tool. So just in case if you are wondering how to recover saved passwords on Google Chrome, then the three commonly used techniques below might be what you are looking for. So check out how to recover saved password on Google Chrome!

Recover your saved passwords with the Chrome recovery tool

  1. Download and install the Chrome Password Recovery tool on your computer
  2. Once installed run the program
  3. Now click on the Recover tab and all your saved usernames and passwords for the websites or accounts login will get listed on your computer screen
  4. Lastly, click on the Save button and choose a location to save all the login credentials (users and passwords) in a text file, thereby creating a backup on your computer

Find saved passwords from Google Chrome browser settings

  1. Open Google Chrome, navigate to Settings, and select the Advanced icon
  2. Then you need to click on PasswordsSelect Forms
  3. It will enable you to click on Manage passwords
  4. Go to the Saved Passwords list and click on the symbol next to Password
  5. Choose Details then – it will open a pop-up window with the Saved password details
  6. Now click on the “eye” icon that is next to Password
  7. Next, enter your Windows login password once prompted and you will be able to view the saved password that you are looking for
  8. Continue doing this activity to see your saved passwords one by one

Recover your saved Chrome passwords by syncing devices

This method usually comes handy in case if you are locked out of your Windows computer, but you still need to find out your Chrome saved passwords anyways. It works by syncing data with your Google Account and passphrase on another computer or device, eventually allowing you to get the passwords you have synced to your Google Account.

To apply this Google Chrome Password Recovery method, simply follow the steps below. Open Chrome on another computer or device and sign in to Chrome with the concerned Google Account. Now type the “passphrase” to start syncing the data to this computer or device entirely. Once the syncing is complete, navigate to chrome://settings/passwords by typing the same in the address bar to view or see all the saved users and passwords that have now or ever, been synced to this Google Account.

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