How to Recover ZIP/WinZip Password

Zip Password Recovery

WinZip – it is a file archiver and compressor for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It will create the archive in Zip format. It is practically impossible to let the documents be and not to protect them hence one feels the need to compress the same and protect it. As we all are humans we tend to forget the password because of which we feel the need to recover the same

How to Recover ZIP/WinZip Password

One will be able to get the password by taking the steps as mentioned below

  • Installing the Run ZIP Password Recovery Program- one will be required to install the program in order to access the same and save the same where it can be easily located
  • Adding the file for which one wants to recover the same – in order to add the file, hit on Open and select the file for which one wants to recover the password
  • Select the Mode through which one wants to recover the password

o   Brute –Force Attack – it will try out all the possible combination till the correct one is found, it is basically effective if one has a short password

o   Mask Attack – One can opt for the option in case if one knows the partial password as in if one knows the length of the password or as the password starts with letter A and ends with the number and so forth

o   Dictionary Attack – It is normal that one chooses the password which is short, common hence this method can be effective, in order to find the password one can opt for the default dictionary or one can also provide with their own dictionary

  • Once the selection is made by which method to go with click on Start in order to begin the process and one will be provided with original password

Once the password is recovered one will be able to get the access back and hence will not be required to keep the new password.

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