How to Reset Your Forgotten or Lost Windows Password

Windows – it is an operating system which is developed by Microsoft, it is used globally for different purposes to fulfill our day in daily activity, It is user-friendly operating system and their official website is

Reset Windows Password

How to reset Windows password -  password plays an imperative role which means it is used for a purpose and hence the password should not be something which can be guessed by anyone, it is used to provide security one should the password consisting of alphabets, numbers and special characters it is also advisable to include 8 characters which in fact might lead to one forgetting the same, by taking the steps below one will be able to reset the same

Boot a CD or USB –

  • one will be required to download the full version file of PCUnlocker
  • Put in the blank CD or USB with the capacity of 1GB IN COMPUTER
  • Now start downloading the ISO2Disc program and then install the same
  • Open the ISO2Disc one can search the same with the image in unzipped files and hit on start Burn button

Boot locked Pc from CD or USB –

  • Now one will be required to enter the bootable cd or USB in the locked computer, now kindly turn on or reboot your computer. Once the system is turned on one should for the boot screen for set-up key to enter BIOS Setup Utility
  • With the help of arrow key click on BooT tab, this is done to change the Boot Device priority – set 1st Boot device to CD/DVD- Rom in case of bootable Cd or set 1st Boot Device to a removable device if one wants to do it from a password reset USB
  • In order to save the changes, please press F10

Resetting of windows-

  • Once the booting is done the computer will take some time to load the WinPE operating system and then boot the PCUnlocker Utility
  • It is by default that program will detect the Windows SAM registry hive and will list all the local users and now you will be required to choose the user foe which you want to reset the password and hit on Reset Password
  • Now on this page, one will be required to enter the new password and if chooses to not to keep the password can skip and click ok
  • Reboot the system and remove CD/USB drive and can use the new password

By taking the steps mentioned above one will be able to reset windows password or one can also remove the password altogether and use the computer all over again