How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password

Microsoft- It is an American multinational technology company. Microsoft is into developing, licensing and selling computer software, electronics, personal computer and does provide services related to it. The best-known software of Microsoft includes Microsoft windows, the Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer and Edge web browser. Microsoft hardware products include Xbox video games console, touchscreen personal computers. In regards to the revenue, Microsoft is the world’s largest software maker

Microsoft Account  in the past it was known as Microsoft passport. It is a single sign-in Microsoft account which help the users to browse Microsoft websites. In order to ensure that it is secure, it is password protected.

Microsoft Password Reset Online

How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password- as human beings we can tend to forget the password, in order to access the account back at times it becomes tedious job however the same can be done by taking the steps as mentioned as below

  • One has to be on the Log in page in the required field Please enter the email address
  • One will be required to enter the characters displayed on the screen, it is just to ensure that it is you and not the robot
  • In order to get the security code one will be required to give the details of the email address or the phone number where would you like to get the code after choosing click on yes
  • One will be required to check the email if they have received the account recovery email and one should be aware that the password link will get expire within 72 hours of delivery
  • Now click on the link, one will be redirected to a page where an individual can enter the new password and reenter the same in order to confirm it
  • One should always consider the following points in order to complete the recovery form

The very important thing to keep in mind is to answer as many security questions as possible

  • When thinking about the past password, do provide as many as you can think of even though you are not sure that they are correct
  • If possible, try to use the same computer or device to fill the form on which one access the Microsoft account
  • While choosing for the products you use, try to choose all the products that are used by you
  • As you will be answering the questions regarding the Xbox please consider the following

Ø  Gamertag questions are not case sensitive

Ø  In order to locate the console id and device Id, if one is not aware just have a look on the console settings

Ø  One can also think over if recent changes have been made at their end ad in case if they have changed the mind, have they moved the house

It is always advisable to keep your account up to date, and one will have to ensure the correct information should be there on the account as it will help them in the future in case of recovery of the account