How to Restore Deleted G Suite Account

It is not possible to restore a user account after 20 days of its deletion, but you can restore it up to 20 days. If you only have one Google service, restoring a user will automatically reactivate the access for that user. Your user access will automatically be restored for those services you had a license for if you are using more than one service. It will work if you had an automatic license assignment turned on for that service. Else, you need to manually re-assign a license for service to the user. However, the recovery may take up to 24 hours for this change to take effect. Here you will learn the practice to restore the deleted G Suite Account along with the techniques to recover the account if you have an Archived User license.

How do I restore a deleted G Suite account?

  • Sign-In to your Google Admin console
  • To do this task, you need to make your Sign-In as a super administrator
  • Use an administrator account, instead of using your current account
  • Open Admin console Home page and go to the Users section
  • You will see the Add a filter option above the Users list
  • Choose Recently deleted and click on Recover Restore
  • Now you need to Review the confirmation notice and click on Continue
  • Select the organizational unit that is required to be assigned
  • Click Recover and your account will be recovered within 24 hours

Do you have a G Suite and GCP? 

Do you have a G Suite and GCP? If yes, you will get back all access to their Google Cloud Platform permissions and email, calendars, and other G Suite data—except Google+ data after the user license is restored automatically or manually.

Do you have an Archived User license?

Do you have an Archived User license? To ensure that the user's data and policies are appropriately restored, you are requested to manually re-assign your Archived User license.