How to Setup Recovery Phone Number or Email Address in Gmail

How to Setup Recovery Phone Number or Email Address in Gmail

Look for the best facility joining the setups of new technology under one roof. The fastest and easiest methodology is used in the form of recovery for Gmail users who require setting up the phone number or else the email address. Making things simple, there is always a solution behind every problem so are the Gmail glitches.  

Moving ahead with this phenomenon, let’s deal with this issue and cover both the aspects in less time.

The recovery phone or email address guide you whenever you,

  • Forget the email ID or password
  • Someone is accessing or tracking your account
  • Your account is being locked due to some other reason.

On the mobile phone for phone number set up-

  • On the Android phone, move to settings option
  • Then Google and after that Google account
  • On the very top, hit on security
  • In that field “ways we can verify it’s you” press the recovery phone option.
  • Here, you may require signing in.
  • Next, add the recovery number and press edit
  • Further, follow the steps given on the screen
  • Add the verification code received by you on the registered number.
  • And hereby you have successfully recovered the phone number setup.

On the mobile phone, you may require changing the recovery email address-

Here, we guess you may not require the same steps again which is being described in the recovery phone number. The only thing which is to be changed is the “ways we can verify it’s you”. In the above fact, you have mentioned the recovery phone option but here you are free to select the “recovery email” option. Therefore, you need to use both the determinations in a perfect way to get a clean set up of phone numbers as well as the email recovery sections respectively