How to Reset HP Printer Password

Hp printers are famous among the users for the amazing features that they provide along with the long-run guarantee of the service. There are a number of options available in the market if you are looking for a printer but you need to be bit conscious while selecting one since whatever you are choosing will be a big investment and hence it should not betray you afterward. One of the genuine options that you will get is of hp printers. Hp printers are very easy to set-up and use, but sometimes there may come situations where you may not be able to use the hp printers since you have forgotten the password of the hp printer.

Now in a situation like this you just need to follow the steps written here to Reset Hp printer password:

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to open the home screen of the HP printer
  • Followed by pressing the right arrow on the screen and then you have to move tp the setup menu option.
  • Once you tap on that menu, it will basically enable you to select the network submenu.
  • So there in that submenu, you have to basically scroll downwards so that you can see the option of restore network submenu.
  • Once you get that, simply tap on it and then you have to initiate the password reset process by simply selecting the yes icon.
  • So in the next step, you just have to restore the defaults.
  • Once you do so then you just have to go to the control panel once
  • Followed by clicking on the devices and the printers
  • There you simply have to right-click on the wireless hp printer that you are looking for to change password.
  • There you have to simply click on the properties option and then select the password icon.
  • As you do so, it will ask you to enter the new password and that too twice for the confirmation purpose.
  • After which you just have to save the changes and you are done.

So this is the simple process that you can follow in order to set a new password for your hp printer. Just in case you get into a situation where you are not able to follow the above steps in an easy manner then in that case you just not have to worry at all since you can simply get in touch with the techies from the company. And then they will ask you a few questions followed by telling you the right steps to execute so that you get the solution to your issue in no time. There are a number of ways to do the hp printer password recovery. You just need to find the one that is easy as well as authentic and when you look around the options available then you will find that calling on the toll-free number of the company to tell you the steps to reset the password is a genuine method. So do not waste your time, find out the toll-free number of the company and then call on that number.

ONce you get a person over the call, then tell him or her the exact issue and then they will come up with the best set of the steps. You just need to co-operate with the person over the call and answer all the queries he has and then follow the steps that he says to follow.

Just in case you are not able to get on the call then no worries since there are a number of other ways also by which you can reset the password like you can mail your issue to the team of the techies from the hp company. Somebody will definitely get in touch with you to solve your issue. And communicating the support team is not even frustration since they are the people who are sitting there just to help you and they are highly grounded and talented which makes them very user-friendly. So without any worries get in touch with them and solve your issue in no time.

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