How to reset the forgotten password of iTunes on iPhone and iPad

Whether you want to sign in to iTunes or iCloud, your Apple ID is the key. As long as you remember the email address, you can reset the forgotten password, including that of iTunes, in no time. Plus, there is a forgotten iTunes password recovery support that helps you regain access to your iTunes account. 

Steps to reset the forgotten iTunes password on iPhone/iPad:

Resetting steps of iTunes password on iphone is based on the type of security settings for your Apple ID. 
Two-factor authentication

  • Those who have iOS 10 or later, follow: Open Settings and tap on your name. Enter the Password & Security section and click on Change Password. 
  • Those who have iOS 10.2 or before, select iCloud and tap on your name. Access to Password & Security section, followed by Change Password. 
  • For those who are not logged in to iCloud, go to Settings and select Sign in to the device, followed by forgot Apple ID. While those who have iOS v.10.2 or earlier, select iCloud and then Forgot Apple ID. 

On Mac

  • Open Apple Menu, go to System Preferences and select iCloud.
  • Click on Account Details and enter your Apple email address. 
  • Select Security, followed by Reset Password. Remember you would need the password that you use to unlock Mac. 

In case, you need help with these steps, contact forgotten iTunes password support.

Recovery Key

Those who have enabled two-factor authentication in macOS High Sierra or iOS 11 or later, can use the recovery key to reset the forgotten password.

Using Security Questions

  • Visit the Apple ID account page and select “Forgot Apple ID password”.
  • Fill in your Apple ID and select security questions to reset the password. Answer the questions correctly and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • For the case, you couldn’t recall the answers, select “Get an email”. You will receive a recovery mail on the rescue email address.  

Two-step verification

  1. Visit the Apple ID account page and select “Forgot Apple ID password”.
  2. Enter your phone number for confirmation.
  3. After filling in your Apple ID, click on reset password option and enter Recovery key.
  4. Select your trusted device and enter the received verification code.
  5. Now you have to create a new password. 
  6. Once you are done, you have to sign in again using the newly created password. Also, do not forget to update the password in the Settings. 

If you still need help, do not hesitate to get in touch with forgotten iTunes password recovery support. 

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