How to Recover Lost Product Key

Product Key – it is also known by the name of a software key which is used for the computer program which helps us to certify that the copy of the program is original. Activation at times can be done online with the help of the key as it helps us to prevent multiple people using the same key. It consists of a series of number and letters and its playa an essential role

How to recover Lost Product Key

In case while using the computer, if one comes across blue screen or some other concern and you will be required to reinstall the operating system and it becomes essential to have product key and as everyone is aware that if you do not have that one may lose the Windows License however as the technology is growing at present we have the solution for everything with KeyFinder Plus and you will be able to get back the product key for Windows, Office, SQL, Exchange server and Adobe Acrobat and for the same please take the steps as following

If one does not have then Download and Install KeyFinder Plus

Go on and then save the same on the computer

o Once the downloading is done, double click on the same so that it can be installed and then follow the prompt

Register KeyFinder Plus – one can skip or carry the same by taking the steps as below

o Initiate the KeyFinder program, by hitting the Enter key

o Now in the registration box, one will be required to enter the details as the username and the registration code and hit on ok

Recover the lost product key – one can try to recover the lost Product key in different ways

o Start the KeyFinder Plus Program

o Hit on Start Recovery option and you will be able to see the three ways to recover using the current system, From the non-booting system and from remote computer choose one

Using the current system – now your system will be scanned for the product key and it will recover and display the product key for Windows, Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader, SQL Server, and for other software as well installed in the machine

Using the Non-Booting system – cannot make ready into Windows to overcome the same connect the non-working hard drive to a working computer which will aid in recovering the product key from non-working Windows installation

Through Remote system – this helps one in scanning the network computers and get the product key for software products which are installed on your remote network computers

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