Recover Password from Apple Safari on Mac

Apple Safari is a web browser developed by Apple, is based on the Webkit engine. It is used across the globe and in order to be secure one can opt for the password and just to make our easier it can remember our password and can also auto-fill it however one will not be able to view the same unless one does not use the Apple’s Keychain Access application.

Recover Password from Apple Safari on Mac –

  1. Click on Application, look the utilities folder double click on the same now look for the Keychain Access
  2. At times it may ask one to enter the password if you have made changes otherwise it uses login password as the default password
  3. Hit on the website for which you are looking for the password and then hit on the option Show Password one can also copy the password and paste the same

Recover Password for Safari on a Windows-based Pc –

One will be required to download the Web Browser and double click the same in order to download it, Web Browser  Pass View will show the password stored in Safari as well on your computer, one will be able to read the same or it is saved using the program’s save function

iCloud’s Keychain Access along with saving the password, it can also save the credit cards and contact information and the saved information is even synced with Mac and iOS devices, it is just making our task simpler and there is no denying that we often forget the password

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