How to Reset SQL Server Password

Microsoft SQL Server it is a database management system which is developed by Microsoft, its key function is to store and fetch data as a request by the other software application, a different version of Microsoft SQL server are available and one can use the same as per the requirement

How to Reset SQL Server Password

If the individual is looking for changing the password on will be required to take the steps as mentioned below

Download the Server

  • One will be required to download and install the complete SQL Server Password Changer, save the same on the device where you can locate easily
  • In order to run the installation double click on the downloaded file and one will be required to follow the instruction in order to complete the installation

Register the program

  • Start the SQL Server Password Changer program and hit enter
  • In the required field, you will be required to the details as username and the registration code and hit on ok 

Reset SQL Server Password

  • Start the SQL Server Password Changer program
  • Hit on the open file, one will be required to select the master database file one can look for the same in the folder c:/Programm Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data
  • It will automatically read the master file and will display all it’s the accounts of the user in the SQL Server
  • Among the accounts displayed on the screen select the account for which you want to change the password
  • Now one will be able to change the password and one will be able to access the same with the new password 

Other Methods one can opt to change the password are as below

Change SQL Server password by management studio

  • One will be required to change the SQL Server using Windows Authentication
  • Now in the object explorer, click on security folder, look for the login folder, right-click on SA account and go to properties
  • On this page, one will get the option to change the password, confirm the same and click ok

Through the steps mentioned above, one will be able to reset the password and will be able to get the access back and one can opt from either of the methods to change the password and if need be one can also take the help from the technical expert

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