Skype Password Reset - Instructions to Follow

Skype allows us to connect with friends and family around the world for free. It is a video chat software that was developed by Microsoft. Your Skype account is under unauthentic access because someone else is using it. You want to get the account back, but you do not have access to your email or phone to verify your identity. We are going to help you if you are claiming I forgot my skype password and want to reset, i.e., an unknown user is using your Skype account. Well, password reset is the only way you can get it back. Here we will be talking about the steps required for getting the Skype account back.

It is too common; many people are creating their Skype account for work or personal use. But, they rarely log-in so, resulting in to forget their passwords.   Therefore, the situation arises how do change or reset the password for Skype.

If you forget your Skype password and unable to access your account, and then follow these instructions which are given below.

We are sharing a way to how to reset Skype password and Skype change password

  1. In case if you are facing the problem that is login issue, then you have to click on ‘Problem signing in’ bottom- left the corner. Through you would be redirected to the official website of Skype.
  2. Here you have to enter your email address which is registered by Skype profile.  
  3. Then click on ‘Continue’
  4. Thereafter, you will get instructions via email from Skype.
  5. Next, hit on ‘Follow this link’ on the next page.
  6. Further, click on ‘Reset Password’.
  7. As the new page appears, immediately enter a new password & retype it.
  8. Now, click on ‘Save’.
  9. After this, you will on a new page, here enter a new password.
  10. Then click on ‘Sign-in’.
  11. Finally, you got success in your issue that is ‘Skype password reset.’

 Sometimes you want to change your password for security reasons and seeking a way to Skype change passwords.

Thus, to change the existing password, head to ‘My Account’ on the official website of Skype. On the next page, enter an old and new password, then click on ‘Save’. Now, you will be informed about your password is changed. Moreover, Skype Account is connected to Microsoft Accounts, hence the way to reset and change Skype passwords through the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

Method to Recover Skype Password

  1. Open the account recovery form
  2. It will insist you to provide your email, Skype name, and phone number as well as an additional email that can be used by Microsoft to contact you
  3. Here you will be able to find complete information about the recovery form
  4. You will get to know how to complete it
  5. It may take up to 24 hours to verify your information after you complete it
  6. The results of the request will be sent to the additional email address you have provided

How to recover contacts when you are locked out of your old account?

The data, especially contact, from your old account still exists on your computer even if you are unable to get into the Skype account along with the old contacts. Skype management gives you a program that helps you in finding the account names of your old friends. With its use, you can read the database tables. To search for Skype location, use %appdata% if you are Windows user and ~/Library/Preferences/Skype/ if you are OSX user. Here you will be able to search through the folders available and find Skype. You will find a folder for every single account that has signed into Skype. Find your account folder and open it.

Now you need to find the file “main.db” in the selected account folder once you have opened the account folder. SQLite is free software that reads the database and allows the user in seeing all old account information, including contacts. Download and install it. Launch the program after you have installed it. Now you are requested to load the database with SQLite. Here you will see the Open Database button which is needed to be clicked to find the “main.db” file. Browse through the database tables and make your new Skype account login. Add the contacts one by one.